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5 websites that entrepreneurs can use to learn how to code

If you are building a digital business or want to be able to create your own website and apps, here are the best resources to help you, writes Tsitsi Mkonto


We have all said this one statement, "I wish someone could just develop an app or a website that does the following and solve all my problems." 

In today’s tech world we have become reliant on apps or specialist websites to help us navigate the complexities of everyday life. If you are thinking of creating an app or website you can begin your coding education with just a browser, internet connection and time. 

Over the past year I have created several websites and improved my coding skills thanks to these online resources.

Online learning resources are probably the best way to learn new skills and improve your existing skills on an ongoing basis. The free resources allow you to gauge if coding is for you, or if you have started your coding journey, to gauge whether the coding level is right for you before you commit to paying the price. 

Here are websites that I recommend. 

One of my favourite online tools for learning HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and JQuery. If you want to learn the basics of web development and start right at the beginning this is the best resource to do so. 

One of the great things about Codecademy is that you learn within your browser and practice your exercises within the browser. It is more about doing as opposed to reading or watching. The interactive portal allows you to practice writing code and gives instant feedback and instructions as you go along. Codecademy is free so no need to enter credit card details. 

I recently started using Udacity to add onto my web development skills. Udacity is what is known as a MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses). The courses are available on the web and can teach you anything from IOS applications, Android Apps to data analysis. The course information is presented in short video formats which last from a few weeks to months depending on what you are studying, added to this are the exercises and quizzes to enhance your learning experience. Most of the material is free with an option to pay for the one on one tuition and interactive projects that come with the courses. 

This is not for beginners, the courses go a lot more in depth, but once you have learned the basics and are confident in your coding say from Codecademy or Udacity then you can hop over to Code school to enhance your skills. There is a monthly fee of $29 but you also have the option of some free courses.

Dash is another interactive online learning tool that is similar to Codecademy. Dash allows you to learn from the get go, learning by doing, by giving you step by step guidance.

With Code avengers you can build games, apps and web pages. Like the other online resources mentioned you learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and Python. Code Avengers is a mix of coding challenges, step-by-step instructions and practical exercises. There are some free modules but you will need to pay to continue with your coding education. 

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