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Lessons for female entrepreneurs in new book 'What women can learn from men in business'

Book focuses on empowering women in the business arena


The number of women in senior positions continues to be lower than that of their male counterparts. According to the recently released Women in Business: The Path to Leadership report by Grant Thornton, an auditing and business consultancy firm, women are more likely to be blocked from reaching business leadership positions by gender bias. And the proportion of women reaching the top levels in the business world has shown little progress over the past decade globally.

Donna Rachelson, businesswoman, branding and marketing specialist has taken on the challenge to educate and empower women. She has penned the book titled Play to Win: What Women Can Learn from Men in Business, which is dedicated to helping women make a mark in the business world.

About the book

Play to Win is Rachelson’s third book. The book is a combination of her own professional experiences together with published research and the experiences of some of South Africa’s top businesswomen.

Donna Rachelson's book which offers
women a guide to success.

"There are many issues which affect working women. I wrote this book to deal with some of these issues. It’s a realistic, empowering and non-patronising approach to help women get ahead.

"I believe that there’s tremendous power in both understanding ‘the rules’ of business that men play by and combining these with the strengths that women bring to the workplace. When we combine these two aspects, it makes women an extraordinary force in business," she says.

Lessons from the book

The book focuses on nine lessons that Rachelson believes every woman should have in her arsenal. She also offers practical tips that she says can help women succeed in the business world.

One of the issues that Rachelson covers is the need for more women to take the initiative. 

"Women have been brought up to believe that it’s more polite to wait to be asked. Women wait to be asked out on a date, they wait to be invited to dance and they wait for someone to ask to marry them. This carries over to the workplace, where women wait to be noticed or to be asked and then they become increasingly frustrated".

 According to Rachelson this is in sharp contrast to the rules men play by. "They will tell you what they have achieved and ask for what they want," she writes.

Rachelson's nine steps to becoming a corporate leader

Sections of the book deal with various issues affecting women in the business world. There are chapters outlining how to play the business game, and why it shouldn't be taken personally. 

Some chapters cover how to stand your ground and to say what you want instead of expecting people to know.

In other chapters Rachelson gives advice on how get to get noticed, how to take more risks, as well as how to network effectively.

The book is available both on hardcopy in bookstores around the country and electronically on Kindle and iBooks. From. It is also available on Amazon and on her website

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