The one bad health habit all entrepreneurs should avoid

Take a stand and increase your productivity and energy levels


Most entrepreneurs are guilty of a number of bad habits, from eating at their desk, to working long hours without taking breaks. But the reality is, your health is your wealth, and the decisions you make now will have a lasting effect on your overall wellbeing.

According to the Discovery Healthy Company Index, sitting at your desk all day can actually decrease your productivity and increase stress levels.

The index also show that 43% of deaths that occurred in the country in 2014 where a result of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and chronic kidney disease, which are often a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

​Taking a stand

Sitting for long periods of time has been known to cause a myriad of health issues including back pain, leg disorders, and increased risk of heart disease.

There are however things entrepreneurs can do to decrease their risk factors. Dr Jill Borresen, exercise scientist and senior research specialist at Discovery Vitality, says regular interruptions from sitting, even simply standing up, may help to reduce your risk factors for disease, and enhance overall health.

Here are 9 simple and effective ways that entrepreneurs can avoid common bad health habits.

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