SA website creation platform, VIGO, enters Asian markets

Cape Town-based startup partners with domain registrar, Webnic


Tech startup, VIGO, announced yesterday its new partnership with Asia’s leading domain registrar, Webnic. 

This move will see VIGO’s website building software made available to over a billion of internet users in Asia - including Webnic's client base across South East Asia, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

Webnic is ranked among the top 50 registrars worldwide and operates in 60 countries. Their reseller program consists of more than 3 000 resellers who, combined, have millions of domains registered on their systems.

Webnic will make use of VIGO's website building software to enable their clients to not only register domain names but also create responsive websites and e-commerce platforms for their businesses.

The Cape Town-based startup was founded by CEO, Carl Wallace, in 2013.

"The core focus of Vigo is to provide SMEs in developing countries with the tools they need in order to grow their businesses and by entering the Asian market, we can enable millions of business owners to get their products and services online, to market to a global audience", said Wallace. 

"We had to find a partner in Asia who shares our passion for helping small business owners while knowing they have sufficient knowledge of the local market to effectively roll out a project of this magnitude – we most certainly found that, and more, with Webnic."

Asia presents great opportunities for the startup, says Wallace, not only because of the size of the market but the adoption of new technologies is often quicker in Asia than in Africa.

Now that they are refocusing on Africa they can roll out a better product, he adds. 

International expansion

To secure the deal - which took three months to complete - VIGO first completed their tech due diligence. "A deal like this you have to make sure your tech is scalable and can handle big volumes," says Wallace. 

This provided them with a "bulletproof forecast and roadmap", he adds. It also meant having to go back to investors for additional funding to rearchitect the platform. 

To become Webnic’s preferred platform, VIGOhad to compete against other site builders. This is what makes the deal even more meaningful for the team, says Wallace, and further proof that it's not the size of the business that matters but the technology. 

"We want to show other tech startups that there is scope to roll-out your product internationally," says Wallace. He adds, "There are lots opportunities in South Africa, but there are even greater ones out there". 

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