Why it's never been easier to hire smart

Having access to the right kind of data will be a game changer, writes Kay Vittee


In today’s data-rich business landscape, the old adage ‘knowledge is power’, has never rung truer. And this is especially the case when it comes to human capital management.

While organisations are quick to recognise the importance of hiring the right people, never before have they had the means to bolster recruitment and talent management processes - with accurate real-time information that empowers them to make evidence-based decisions that ultimately propel their businesses forward.

How intelligent data is reshaping the face of HR

Considering that over the years traditional HR departments have invested in software and systems to capture, report and securely store their human capital data, the dawn of data analytics means that for the first time this data can be leveraged to gain the competitive edge.

Recruiters are now able to access meaningful metrics when it comes to the overall talent process, efficacy and bottom line results, effectively allowing them to hone in on what’s working and what’s not when it comes to their recruitment and talent management processes.

These evolving analytical capabilities mean that in addition to turnaround time and cost per hires, recruiters will now be able to better benchmark and drill down deeper into the data that constitutes hiring success. 

Quality is now the main driver of recruitment success

For recruiters, having access to this kind of intelligent insight will be a game changer in that for the first time companies will be able to not only accurately identify and match talent to the right job, but also access attrition, absenteeism and engagement metrics, all of which are important indicators of organisational health.

Here an important shift from transactional to strategic performance based metrics is already taking place, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment, machine learning assessments coupled with a high touch people models are providing more scientific evidence into some of the key drivers present in high performing individuals. 

For the first time quality will be the main driver of recruitment success as intelligent data empowers recruiters to align the job fit of the individual in a far better way that the traditional models, greatly enhancing the client proposition.

Through actively breaking down these large amounts of data into meaningful information, recruiters are now able to dramatically enhance their offering to their organisation, effectively growing the bottom line with people that are the best fit.  

No matter what the future holds when it comes to innovation and change in the talent acquisition realm, there’s no doubt that all stakeholders – recruiters, candidates and the clients we serve – will be better off for it!

About the author: Kay Vittee is the CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd one of South Africa’s leading staffing solutions provider. She’s a business woman holding a Masters in Business Administration, a B.Com (Banking and Economics) and various other financial and marketing qualifications. Kay’s business acumen and success have made her a sought after speaker and thought leader.

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