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Learn From These Entrepreneurs Who Bounced Back From Failure To Something Even Bigger

Entrepreneurs from Miles Kubheka to Jannie Mouton prove that struggles do not mean the end of the road

South African's Social Media Habits Revealed

The country’s 26.8 million internet users spend almost three hours a day on social media

Don't Miss Your Shot - 5 Foolproof Ways To Beat Procrastination

How to take the first step, and other lessons for getting started

What Happened After This Newly Launched Taxi-Hailing App Trended On Social Media

Startup VayaTaxi founder gets real about the highs and lows of going viral

The Surprisingly Simple, But Powerful Habit Behind This Entrepreneur's Success

Seola Mashamaite founder of Mon-Cal makes the case for running a tight ship

Sheryl Sandberg Wants You To Lead Differently

Why she advocates that you have your team's back

South Africa Slips 14 Places In WEF Global Competitiveness Index

Corruption, crime and theft and government instability cited as major factors

Read This Before Your Next Big Business Tech Purchase

Here's how to avoid buying costly, pointless IT solutions

Is Your Business Built To Last Or Built To Exit?

And other funding fundamentals you may be ignoring

All The Latest Facts And Figures You Need To Know About SA's Entertainment And Media Industry

Find out the size of the industry, projected growth and the sectors to watch out for

Why All Business Owners Should Be Paying Attention To Pick n Pay's Bitcoin Pilot

Could this payment method be in your business' future?

Stressed, Anxious, Exhausted? - 12 Quotes From Famous Entrepreneurs That Prove You Are Not Alone

Real talk from entrepreneurs that have made it through dark times

Not Sure If Your Startup Is Ready For An Incubator – Take These 3 Tests

Why you first need to prove product/market fit

Celebrate #NationalBookWeek With 50 Business Book Recommendations From Real SA Entrepreneurs

Which of these titles will be your next read?

Take This Masterclass To Find Your Customers + Downloadable Template

Use this practical, no-nonsense guide

When Following Trends Pays Off - The Founder Of One Of SA's Coolest Food Brands Shares All

Dope Donuts founder, Elise Spilkin on how she gets the attention of the country's trendsetters

#Leaderex2017 - The Highlights And Lessons

Everything you may have missed at this year's startup and business conference

The People And Networks Gemelli Founder And Other Inspiring Entrepreneurs Credit For Their Success

Jonathan Liebmann, Donovan Goliath, Alessandro Khojane and Trevor Stuurman let us in on the story behind their big breaks

Don't Disrupt, Optimise

Give your business a more easily attainable (but still profitable) goal

What Maps Maponyane Knows About The Power Of Consistency In Building A Killer Brand

Find out how the model turned tech founder and venture capitalist stays true to his brand

3 Founders On The Real Work Behind Their Creative Magic

Sylvester Chauke, Farah Fortune and Richard Mulholland on what it takes to lead a team that's creative and productive

Stop Being An Average Entrepreneur

4 strategies for entrepreneurs who want to start seeing real results

Powerful Communication Skills This Startup Founder Learnt From Competing In A Global Pitching Competition

How to overcome the nerves, doubts and fear of rejection

Business Ideas Mark Zuckerberg Had Before Facebook - And Why They Matter

The Facebook founder proves it sometimes takes many attempts to succeed in business

5 Sectors Entrepreneurs Should Be Looking At In The Current Economic Climate

There are glimpses of light - find out where

How To Get People To Help You Build Your Business Even With A Limited Budget

Equity, outsourcing and other strategies you could use to build your team

The 4 Lessons For Building A Business That Will Last According To Given Mkhari

Find out why the media mogul says opportunity on its own is not enough to build a sustainable business

How SA's 'Slashers' Juggle A Nine to Five And A Side Hustle

Two entrepreneurs on how a corporate job has influenced them as entrepreneurs

"Diversity Is A Competitive Advantage" - Leadership Lessons From The JSE's Nicky Newton-King

Surround yourself with people smarter than you - and other advice for building an impenetrable team

Could Offering Discounts Be The Right Move For Your Business?

Here are the pros and cons you should consider before taking the leap

10 'Founderisms' From The Founders Of One Of Africa's Hottest Startups

"Act. Learn. Repeat" and other startup lessons from the brains behind Zoona

Lessons from Massmart’s African Growth Strategy

"We don't just open stores for the sake of opening stores" - Chairman, Kuseni Dlamini

'The Grass Isn't Always Greener' - Why Scaling Abroad May Not Be For You

"Your Business May Not Be Innovative Enough To Go International" - and 8 other reasons from Jason Goldberg why you should maybe focus locally instead

What All Founding CEOs Can Learn From The Stepping Down Of Uber's Travis Kalanick

The entrepreneurial traits of an SME owner are not always what's needed to successfully run a large global business

This Is What You Are Missing Out On When You Don't Hire Young People

Youth market expert Musa Kalenga on how your business stands to benefit from increased diversity and fresh ideas

This Is What Ran Neu-Ner Thinks Of Your Motivational Quotes

The Creative Counsel co-founder says hard work, not talk, is the key to success

The DTI Lowers B-BBEE Ownership Transactions Threshold To R25mln

All transactions with a value of R25 million or more must now be registered with the B-BBEE Commission

Why You Need A Tech Brain And A Sales Maverick On Your Startup Team

Your co-founders invest their time instead of money but are crucial for attracting investors later, writes Nicolaj Hoejer Nielsen in his new book The Startup Funding Book

The World Needs More Purpose-Driven Young People - Mark Zuckerberg

Ever thought you could create the next Facebook? its founder tells you how

'Leave The Arrogance Behind' And More Powerful Advice For Expanding Into The Rest Of Africa

How Duys Engineering successfully navigated a move into Mozambique

5 Proudly South African Brands That Built a Global Following

And the moments they made us proud

3 Money Lessons All Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Allon Raiz

How growing up in an entrepreneurial family and early business failures shaped his ideas about business and money

'Have A Purpose Greater Than Yourself' - Peggy-Sue Khumalo

And 5 other entrepreneurship lessons from the businesswoman

4 TED Talks To Help You Think Differently About Your Own Business Struggles

Learn why failure is the beginning, not the end

What Your Employees Really Want At Team Building Events and Conferences

We help you to choose the best venue for both business and pleasure

Your Business Is Not Too Small For You To Start Giving Back

How to implement a successful CSI programme

8 Ways You Can Limit the Impact Of Late Payments

Vet customers properly, encourage cash sales and other measures you can employ

KPMG Acquires Platform That Helps Fintechs and Financial Institutions Connect

Matchi acquisition to provide the South African market with quick and easy access to the best global solutions

Consider All Of Your Options To Survive Tough Times

Diversify your business - find more customers and grow your product offerings

KPMG Launches New Tax Incentive App To Encourage Businesses To Hire

Learnership Incentive Tax Tool calculates learnership tax allowances and generates tax schedules

The 2 Strategies That Helped One Entrepreneur Overcome The Early Mistake That Many Others Make

Author and small business development specialist, Nokwazi Mzobe, shares the strategies that helped her define her target market

8 Android Apps For Entrepreneurs You Need To Try

Find the perfect app for the job

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Accommodation Business Graded

What that "star" really means for your establishment

How to Answer Your Employees Questions and Concerns About the Downgrade

Help to educate your staff about what the junk status means for the country, the business and their wallets, says Kay Vittee

Warning Signs That You Are Running an 'Unfit' Company

Businesses that are fit for growth share these 3 very important characteristics

Online is King But Your Customers Still Want the Human Touch

Here's how to find the right balance between your online and offline interactions

'Keep Business Simple, Focus on People' - Jabu Mabuza

The chairman of Telkom shares his 5 big entrepreneurship lessons

A Guide For Setting Up Your Business In a Residential Area

The legal and financial implications you should know about

Build a Bankable Founding Team – We Show You How

Quotes from startups, investors and incubator heads on what it takes to build a team worth investing in

Here’s How the Downgrade is Going to Affect Consumers

It's time everyone tighten their belts

Learn From the Growth Strategies of Some of The Most Successful Businesses in Africa

Be inspired by Jumia, NetFlorist and Mama Money, and others

Part-Time Entrepreneurs - Here's How To Take the Leap to Full-Time

Finally be your own boss

Leadership Lessons From Antarctica

What leaders in traditional business environments can learn from those operating in extreme environments

Take Your Business to the Next Level - These 5 Companies Show You How

From opening an online store to pop-up sales, here are some ways businesses can generate a buzz during a slump

Building a Website for Your Business? Here Are 5 Concepts You Must Know

This is what your potential customers want from your website

Use This Tool to Advertise Where Your Customers Are

Location targeting on Facebook allows you to talk to the people that matter

Inspirational advice for building a wildly successful business from the #GEC2017 speakers

10 quotes from great entrepreneurial minds on the launch of the big event

Unpacking the SME market access challenge

Allon Raiz, Zaid Mohidin and others discuss the big disconnect between small businesses and big corporates

Why Gil Oved believes every business should act like a tech company

... and the 5 tech trends you need to know about if you are to survive

'Forget startups' - why you should consider buying an existing business

Find out if you have what it takes to make a success of this option

6 ways the way you hire is set to change

Greater automation, data-driven decision-making and other trends that are shaping HR

3 practical apps that will change how you run your business

Run a more efficient business with these apps

Why more SMEs should be using testimonials to get customers - we show you how

How this marketing tool can help you drive sales

The business strategy that's helping Coca-Cola, Netflix and Puma dominate their industries

How Business Intelligence is helping businesses make quicker decisions, identify opportunities and gain greater customer insights

Do you have toxic leadership in your business?

How to spot and fix dysfunctional office politics

Tax advice for 2017 from TaxTim co-founder

7 tips to ensure that your SME is tax compliant

A digital marketing expert on how to make your business stand out from your competitors

And see how business icon Richard Branson also makes use of these strategies

5 ways to finally nail your enterprise and supplier development strategy in 2017

This is what big corporates are looking for in SME suppliers

What it's going to take to succeed as an entrepreneur in 2017

Despite challenging conditions there are positive signs for aspirant entrepreneurs

'People don't leave companies – they leave bad managers ' and other HR truths to know

5 simple ways to reduce employee turnover

What you need to know about how your customers want to pay you

Serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Yossi Hasson, on why security, convenience and cost are the three most important considerations you need to cover

A checklist for your annual December holiday shutdown

Don't leave for the beach before you do the following

5 reasons your sales strategy failed this year AND what you can do to fix it

Not knowing your target market, and other lead generation mistakes that are slowing you down

The new rules of choosing an office space for your business

Moving to a new space in 2017? Why you should consider the location, flexibility of the lease, and internet speeds in your search

The surprising ways your business stands to benefit from a well compensated team

How you can reap the (sometimes unexpected) benefits of paying your employees well

'Find the WHY' - and other strategies to position your business for growth in 2017

Cal Fussman, Miles Khubeka, John Sanei and Mark Sham share what you need to be doing

The pros and cons of Black Friday for small businesses

How to cash in on this retail tradition

Surviving in an era of disruption - A how-to guide for businesses

7 steps to self-disruption

Which of these 5 entrepreneur myths are you still hanging on to?

What you think it takes to succeed may be all wrong, writes Perry Kamel

Dos and Don'ts for Workplace Celebrations

To party or not to party? That is the question, writes Gusti Coetzer

5 ways to become an employer of choice

How to meet employee needs and develop a progressive workplace

Help your team fight year-end fatigue

Ideas to bring back the oomph

'Get your foot in the door' - 4 ways to succeed with big businesses

Talking procurement strategies, supplier development as well as how to get that contract

9 myths about taking your biz online you need to stop believing

Why social media marketing is a legitimate and powerful tool for startups

5 entrepreneurs share the critical skills they learnt on the job

And what you can learn from their hard-won experiences

A strategic approach to hiring

It's about knowing where you are going with your business and who you need on your team to get you there

#FixMyBiz – You asked the questions, here are the answers

Dominique Collett, Lesiba Mooka and other industry experts take on your burning business-related questions like how to find funding for the not so run-of-the-mill startup

The power of face-to-face meetings

In person communication can help you build and strengthen your relationship with your team and clients

4 ideas for building a more agile workforce

How to foster an organisational culture that embraces learning, change and innovation

Weighing up the pros and cons of owning your business premises

Why you should consider cash flow, market conditions, value, location and the long-term prospects of the business before making the decision
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