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Save the African Startup Gazelle and Forget the Lesser-Spotted Unicorn

To create a lot of jobs in South Africa we need to fund Gazelles, writes Keet van Zyl

What I Learnt In My First 5 Years As An Entrepreneur

Clockwork Media co-founder Nic Simmonds reflects on his journey from salaried worker to business owner

How To Sell To The First Generation Of Digital Natives

South African youth are resistant to traditional advertising - you have been warned, writes Ernst Wittmann, global account director MEA, Alcatel

Jeff Bezos Is Now The World's Richest Person - Find Out The Strategies Behind The Amazon Empire

A willingness to experiment is behind the online retailer's massive growth, writes Shirley Anthony

Where Shrewd SME Owners Will Be Spending Their Money In The Year Ahead

2018 will require careful planning, considerable effort and investment, writes Darren Upson, EMEA Director SMB, Xero

Don't Miss Your Shot - 5 Foolproof Ways To Beat Procrastination

How to take the first step, and other lessons for getting started

'Take-Outs' From 3 On-Demand Delivery Startup Guys On The Rise

The founders of Zulzi, Bottles App and OrderIn weigh in on what it takes to make it in this highly competitive space, writes Rick Ed

How SA's Government Can Help Small Businesses

A lack of funding limits the country's pool of entrepreneurs, writes Colin Timmis

Is It Really Possible To Run A Business Properly On A Smartphone?

It’s possible but you have to get the fundamentals right first, writes Gary Turner

What All The Entrepreneurship Stats Tell Us About The Reality Of Being A Female Entrepreneur In SA

How did we get here? Trudi Makhaya explains

Running On Empty - What To Do When Funds Are Low

In-kind support means you don't always need money, writes Rick Ed

A Look At Capitec And Checkers' Surprising Business Strategy

You too can win big by aiming low, writes Shirley Anthony

'Why I No Longer Believe The Millennial Hype'

Don't make marketing decisions based on trends, writes Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp

How Your SME Can Make A Real Impact This Mandela Day

5 things you shouldn't do if you really want to make a difference

9 Business And Life Truths You Must Accept As An Entrepreneur

The non-negotiables of running a business, writes Jess Mouneimne

Here's How You Too Can Implement A Business Growth Strategy That Actually Works

It's possible to withstand the economic downturn and even increase your market share, writes Heather Baker

How I Am Using LinkedIn To Get Customers

Turn your connections into customers, Shirley Anthony shows you how

What You Need To Know About The Creative Business Cup

This event offers the opportunity to celebrate creative entrepreneurs, writes Rick Ed

Why One Entrepreneur Believes We Need A Movement To Help Save Small Agencies

There are actions we can take to help small businesses to survive the recession, writes Lauren Winchester

Stop Selling 'Hype' And Help Your Customers Instead

Customer experience or service is the new marketing, writes Shirley Anthony

A Warning To All Creatives Who Want To Run Their Own Business

No matter how talented you are, if you only focus on your 'art' your business will fail, writes Jess Mouneimne

5 Lessons To Take From Recent Airline PR Disasters

Businesses pay a very heavy financial and reputational price for mistreating their customers, writes Aki Kalliatakis

What We Can Learn From Rural Innovators Like Ludwick Marishane

Innovation does not have to only come from major cities, writes Kealeboga Mokolobate

The Secret To Selling Is Simplicity

If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't really have a clear idea of what you are doing, writes Allon Raiz

Don't Control Your Customers - Collaborate With Them

Advice for brand building in the digital age, writes Mike Jones

First Fix the Leaky Bucket

Money may be important, but if you aren't careful, it could kill your business, writes Catherine Wijnberg and Anton Ressel

Are You Running an Honest Company?

Dishonesty can damage your reputation and more importantly, negatively affect your bottom line, writes Annelize van Rensburg

How to Manage Inappropriate Behaviour on Social Media

Your employees need to know that nothing posted online is private, writes Kay Vittee

A Hot Alternative to Cold Calling

Step away from the phone and go where your target market is, writes Shirley Anthony

The Truth About Being a Female Entrepreneur

The perception is that female founders are in a place of power, this not always the case, writes Jess Mouneimne

The £50-Billion-Brexit Lesson On the Dangers of Not Seeing the Full Picture

Looking at all the facts when developing a Marketing Strategy could save your business, writes Shirley Anthony

Are managers the new entrepreneurs?

Great managers' economic influence may rival that of entrepreneurs, writes Jenny Boxall

Why I attend entrepreneurial events like #GEC2017 - and why you should too

Use the opportunity to network, find investors and meet international entrepreneurial talent, writes Kealeboga Mokolabate

Why it's never been easier to hire smart

Having access to the right kind of data will be a game changer, writes Kay Vittee

What was your business' 'Oscar Moment'?

A lesson in accepting failure with dignity and grace, writes Shirley Anthony

Could this be the end of internet banking?

Smaller screens are where the action is, writes Angus Brown

SA's late payments culture challenges SMEs

On average businesses spend 10.4 hours a month on debt recovery, this is a hugely inefficient allocation of resources, writes Colin Timmis

Why we are still talking about innovation

Innovation is a tool that entrepreneurs can use to outmanoeuvre their competition and stay relevant, writes Zanele Monnakgotla

What is your Trump card?

What we can learn from Trump’s election victory that we can use to improve our marketing, writes Rick Ed

High employee turnover – what it really costs your business

76% of millennials plan to leave their current employers before 2020 - what this means for your business

Become a recession-proof entrepreneur - this is how

Tough times don't last, tough entrepreneurs do, writes Shirley Anthony

Goal setting 101 for your most successful year yet

How to work faster, better and with greater purpose

What we can learn about SA's future entrepreneurs

Today’s learners, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, writes Rick Ed

1 in 7 Africans receive remittances - Here's what this means for the continent

How funds received from the diaspora are put to use, writes Dipolelo Moime

Create attention!

.... Donald Trump does, writes Shirley Anthony

5 predictions for property sales in 2017

These factors are expected to change the way people buy and sell property in 2017

What should you and Richard Branson have in common?

Make 2017 the year when you really observe what your clients and prospects do and say, writes Shirley Anthony

The last 4 things you need to do this year

Enter 2017 in the right frame of mind

What is the role of entrepreneurs in helping to avoid a downgrade next year?

The ability of SMEs to persevere in difficult economic times will contribute positively to economic growth and job creation, writes Trudi Makhaya

Why 2017 is the year to finally build a strong innovation culture in your business

‘Own’ innovation and build it into the organisational culture, writes Annelize van Rensburg

The entrepreneurs' formula for building wealth

Meet those BIG targets by running a growth-focused business, writes Shirley Anthony

Entrepreneurs don't wait

Create your own fate, writes Rick Ed

Speak to your customer, not just the season AND other festive season lessons

At the end of a busy year the last thing they want is to be bombarded with more pushy adverts, writes Dov Girnun

Maximise your festive profits with hands-on leadership and well-trained staff

"When superior performance over a critical period is vital, wishy-washy statements from the boss’s office probably won’t cut it," writes Aki Kalliatakis

Going beyond the pitch

Help investors, your clients and team to realise your business' true value, writes Gizelle Meyer

What business owners can learn from 2016 and the trends ahead

Economic and fiscal outlook by Trudi Makhaya

7 things you can do today to boost your team's performance

Build a team that shares your passion, and has the skills you need, writes Dov Girnun

Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur?

The ability to spot opportunities where there are challenges is the key difference between the two, writes Rick Ed

Key themes for entrepreneurs to look out for in the medium term budget

From tax proposals to funding allocations for entrepreneurs - these are the issues that should be on your radar

Is there still hope for the 'intrapreneur'?

Michelle Moss on mixing the inner entrepreneur with the corporate go-getter

The importance of trust in a digital world

Your customers deserve no less than total honesty, writes Aki Kalliatakis

Taking a community-orientated approach to networking

Support and promote those around you to create a healthy, thriving entrepreneurial community, writes Dov Girnun

Use these 6 strategies to create a solid marketing plan

How your market, competitors and sales data can help you determine who you should be selling to

'To the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebel and the troublemakers'

What we can learn from those that break the rules, writes Rick Ed

You have heard of the millennial - now meet the Afrillennial

The new way of recruiting young people into your business, writes Andy Coe

The big questions you have to be able to answer to get that funding

It comes down to team, market and profit, writes Rick Ed

Women too deserve to have their cake and eat it

Gender diversity is not only a social issue, but also a pressing business challenge, writes Kay Vittee

Why constant reinvention is the secret to keeping your business in the game

It's when business is going well that you should undertake new challenges, writes Shirley Anthony

This is how your SME can capitalise on seasonal fluctuations

The 4 areas of your business that are most affected by seasonality trends and how to prepare for them

What fears are holding you back as an entrepreneur?

Turn your personal weaknesses into opportunities, writes Rick Ed

5 strategies to survive a zero growth economy

Pursue smart, value-preserving cost-cutting measures and avoid destructive or short-sighted cost-cutting, and other ideas to implement, writes Trudi Makhaya

Why small businesses lose employees in tough economic times

Your top performers matter the most when the chips are down, writes Kay Vittee

Accountability and transparency in business- why they matter

Business owners - know your basic legal duties and responsibilities, writes Monisha Prem

How good companies use difficult times to become great

'It is the thoughts that break us down – not the business', writes Karabo Songo

Think your business is unique? It might not be unique enough

Be relentless when differentiating your business, and make this a target that you continually strive for, writes Allon Raiz

Can success rub off?

Expose yourself to other entrepreneurs to increase your chances of success, writes Rick Ed

We answer all your big social media policy questions

Frequently asked questions about employee rights and responsibilities online

What Brexit could mean for the African continent

South Africa's already bad economy may be the worst affected by Brexit, writes Dipolelo Moime

You are a leader

Every decision you make and act on – in business or in life – is you being a leader, writes Rick Ed

How money remittance has leapfrogged Africa’s financial industry

Africa is open to fintech solutions that work to solve their everyday challenges, writes Dipolelo Moime

Maybe your business shouldn't be on social media

It's better to not have a presence online than to be visible with no derived 'value', writes Lebogang Mokubela

The unstoppable rise of African fintech

How the success stories are getting it right, writes Dominique Collett

The investment risk that all property entrepreneurs should know about

Know and understand the disadvantages of renting out your property, writes Lesiba Mooka

Why the 'customer is king' mantra is not enough

Want your franchise to succeed, show your customers that you genuinely care, writes Aki Kalliatakis

Why so few entrepreneurs?

What is REALLY holding SA's entrepreneurship levels back, asks Rick Ed

What you need to know about contracting online

A legal guide to electronic contracts for business owners, writes Monisha Prem

The Joburg vs Cape Town customer: Here’s why shouldn’t believe the hype

Get out there and talk to your customers before someone else does, writes Matt Fisher

Want people to remember your name? Give them an unforgettable experience

Every business owner needs to understand (and respect) the power of a name, writes Joseph Neusu

What investors need to know about property flipping

While this trend has great potential to yield good stable returns - this is how to get it right, writes Lesiba Mooka

Legal requirements for product packaging and labeling

Important advice for getting this important advertising and information device right

Yes - small businesses can still attract top talent

Find out what Employee Value Proposition is - and how you can use it to get your hiring right

Your customers want to know you stand with them in tough times

Aki Kalliatakis on why smart businesses are committing to their customers NOW

Everything property entrepreneurs should know this year

While the local economy might be going through a rough patch, there are still reasons to be optimistic about the property sector, writes Lesiba Mooka

How teaching entrepreneurship too late is holding SA back

Entrepreneurship should be encouraged and fostered from a high school level, writes Jessica Cilliers

How women can utilise tech to break the glass ceiling

There continues to be a lack of clear incentives for ensuring inclusive advancement of women into leadership positions, writes Tavonga Musingarabwi

8 ways capable CEOs lead in tough times

With South African businesses under increasing pressure, this is how leaders should respond, writes Annelize van Rensburg

A legal guideline for naming your business

Monisha Prem breaks down what is required and what is prohibited

Traditional and digital marketing are not mutually exclusive in Africa

The full potential of digital marketing on the continent has not been tapped into, writes Joseph Neusu

Entrepreneurial passion disease

What role does the media play in giving us a skewed understanding and personal expectation of the concept of "passion"? asks Allon Raiz

Preparing for the unthinkable as an entrepreneur

Can your business survive if you can’t be there to run it day-to-day for several weeks? asks Rick Ed
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