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Yes, People Are Judging Your Tired Logo

7 signs your branding needs a refresh

How Starbucks Is Getting South Africans To Love Them - And How You Can Do The Same

Learn from the coffee brand's 'give, give, take' strategy

3 Things That Bonang Matheba Has Mastered That Your Brand Is Missing

Marketing lessons from one of South Africa's most powerful influencers

Knowledge Is Power: The Case For Studying Your Customers, Market And Competitors

The likes of Coca-Cola and Nike STILL conduct market research every year - why aren't you

What Went Wrong? A Township-based Marketer On The Real Reasons Social Media Fails Happen

5 headline-grabbing disasters you should learn from

Youth Support Brands That Stand For Something More Than The Bottom Line - Ask Afrika’s Youth Brands Survey

This market spends over R100 billion per annum

What SA's 'Coolest' Brands Know About The Youth Market That You Don't

This is how these 10 brands are successfully talking to the youth on social media

Here Are The Biggest Brands in South African Townships

Coca Cola once again comes up tops

How You Can Win the Marketing War

In times of 'fake news' brands need to be authentic, consistent, truthful, engaging and single minded, writes Shirley Anthony

5 Powerful Local Ads and Why They Are Loved

How Nando's and other big brands capture the imagination of customers around the world

The rise of the 'Insta-preneur' in SA

Turning followers into customers

How Virtual Reality is about to change how you market your products

Fuzzy Logic, MD, Jason Ried on the uptake of the tech in SA

The secret behind RocoMamas' social media success

And how you too can rock your online game

How influencer marketing can help you reach more customers

The power of word-of-mouth multiplied

Marketing done right – The Creative Counsel's co-founder breaks down 5 big ad trends that even SMEs can use

Branding lessons from Cannes that startups can use to talk to their customers

What SMEs can learn from how this 20-year-old brand is evolving to capture a new market

Find out how News Café is reinvigorating its brand and why customers' exposure to brands such as Starbucks is good for the brand

Why this is not your typical personal branding book

Personal branding guru, Timothy Maurice Webster, on 5 things you need to know about Personal Brand Intelligence and how it has an impact on how you do business

Why mobile marketing can be your SME's best friend

How to get the most bang for your buck, writes Herman Cremer

How to get the market to embrace your disruptive innovation

'Don't sell the product, sell the new lifestyle' - co-founder and CEO of TMARA on how to get your customers to 'pull your product'

Forget SEO or websites - social media is the future

The digital economy is moving from ads to social - and the businesses that will catch on faster, will ultimately win, writes Lebogang Mokubela

What you can learn from how we nailed our business' rebranding

CEO of M. Prem Inc on how they pulled off the transformation and why a new brand is refreshing for business

South Africans love Facebook and Instagram - this is why you should care

We talk to a social media strategist about what the latest social media stats mean for your business' marketing efforts and budget

How to finally take advantage of the video marketing trend you have been hearing about

The do's and don'ts of putting a powerful, but simple video project

The most important (and real) marketing advice you will read this year

'Get closer to your customer' and other marketing insider secrets for building a resilient brand

Which of these dated online strategies is your business guilty of?

And the new trends you should be implementing

What you need to know about the 2016 customer

Brands that prioritise customer experience will get the biggest slice of the consumer market pie this year

Marketing lessons you need to take into this year

5 solid ideas to help you put together an integrated, well thought out plan

Ignore these 5 marketing trends at your own risk

Ideas that you may have missed out on in 2015 that you need to pay attention to this year

Strategies for providing your customers with a world-class mobile experience

Take your mobile marketing efforts to new heights

Here is how to spend your marketing budget (of any size) in 2016

How to get the most bang for you bucks

What South African consumers look for in a brand

Research finds that customers are willing to spend more on brands that care about the environment and people

5 marketing blunders to leave behind in 2015

Tried and tested ideas to sell your brand in the new year

5 marketing activities you need to get right in 2016

Plus ideas to start crafting a comprehensive strategy

Why it pays to know your customers

How offering a personalised shopping experience can give your business a competitive advantage

The brand new rules of selling

3 unique ways to reach your customer

5 things customers are judging your business website on

How to keep customers coming back

How using this mobile technology can greatly improve your marketing efforts

Ways brands can take advantage of USSD to improve customer engagement

incuBeta and DQ&A Media Group announce R1.5 billion digital agency merger

Move sees combined companies become one of the largest, independent, international groups of digital agencies

Meet SME Guerrilla Marketing Conference speaker: Teboho Mafodi

Entrepreneur and motivational speaker on why customers buy into you BEFORE they buy your product

What the upcoming generation of consumers means for your business

How retailers can appeal to the group of thinkers, doers and spenders

How to brand your new startup

3 ways to create a killer initial branding strategy for your business3 ways startups can build a great brand story

The 5 most common social media mistakes SMEs are guilty of

How to ensure you stay on your followers' good side

Africa’s top brands recognised

MTN ranked Africa's best brand by Brand Africa Top 100

Meet SME Guerrilla Marketing Conference speaker: Heinrich Van den Worm

Marketing and social media pro on how SMEs can get their slice of the digital pie

How to market your brand through product reviews

Use feedback to build customer loyalty and refine your product

5 branding must-do's when expanding into the rest of Africa

How to build a strong brand beyond SA borders

Watch: How smart brands survive AND thrive during tough times

Product of the Year - South Africa CEO, Preetesh Sewraj on how to build a brand that's seen as champion for consumers

Does your business dare to push the envelope?

Richard Mulholland on why brands should differentiate or be prepared to die

The Creative Counsel acquired by Publicis Groupe

Multinational advertising and public relations company further expands its African footprint

Local brands resonate strongly with the SA consumer - survey

Why brands need to tap into consumers' emotions to win them over

Personal branding ideas for female entrepreneurs

How to build a strong and powerful image

How to be your own PR and communications manager

Advice for startups working with a limited budget

Branding 101 for your startup

To build a great brand you have to take a hard look at the story your business wants to tell, not just your product, says Moving Brands co-founder Jim Bull

Use the power of radio to sell your business

Prominent South African voice-over artist on how to get advertising on this platform right

6 marketing ideas to suit every budget

Simple strategies to build a well-known brand

Expert advice for managing your business' reputation

Whether your business is just starting out or ready for major expansion, its reputation is its most valuable asset

5 customer service mistakes you are probably making right now

Common hassles that may be losing you business

Email continues to be a powerful marketing tool in SA

Report finds that email is the communication tool of choice for many consumers

Valuable lessons SA entrepreneurs can learn from Israel

We need to start building businesses for the world market, writes Karabo Songo

This website is helping township businesses market themselves

Mobile friendly site allows small businesses to advertise online and communicate with their customers

You've just been fired from a job, now what?

Failure can be an important reality check, writes Karabo Songo

More SMEs are doing business on Facebook

Social media platform sees the number of advertisers rise to 2 million

Use this secret to make people love your brand

Success lies in developing great insight into your market, writes Karabo Songo

Think mobile first in 2015

How to maximise on your business' mobile strategy in the new year, writes Mike Saunders

Talking to your customers can help you find your cash cow

Market research can help you increase your profits, writes Karabo Songo

Be a great one man show

Karabo Songo's insider tips for creating a killer company profile

Can African brands excite a global audience?

The continent needs to develop a holistic brand strategy in order to excel on the world stage, writes our new thought leader, Preetesh Sewraj

5 small budget marketing ideas with BIG impact

Karabo Songo shares clever branding tips you may not have thought of

How Hedzup Messenger hopes to level the mobile marketing playing field

New app offers SMEs free bulk SMS marketing

How brands are using augmented reality apps to connect with consumers

Businesses find new ways to invite consumers into their virtual worlds

How much do you really understand about your business' marketing efforts?

It's important for business owners to know what drives a successful marketing campaign in order to achieve brand equity, writes Karabo Songo

The smartphone revolution and why it matters for your business

Isn't it time for businesses and brands to ask whether they are leveraging mobile effectively, asks Yaron Assabi

What you can do today to maximise your business' growth potential

Don't be a victim of your own success, here's how entrepreneurs can take their business to the next level and access new market

More SA consumers are giving unknown brands a chance

Survey results show brand loyalty is diminishing as South African consumers get hooked on the new

Product is king: Secrets to a successful product launch

Marketing entrepreneur Karabo Songo reveals his trusted tips for launching new products or services

Marketing mavericks building a new world of advertising

Creative Counsel co-founders share their experiences in building a marketing empire and bringing activations to the forefront of advertising

Not just for selfies: How these local brands are using Instagram for business

Find out how these brands are using Instagram to build brand loyalty and increase customer engagement, writes Tsitsi Mkonto

Brand culture lessons we can learn from the franchising industry

Marketing entrepreneur, Karabo Songo shares innovative ways business owners can sharpen and live up to their companies' brand values

3 key digital strategies for growing your business

Digital guru Mike Saunders shares three marketing strategies for running a business in the online era

The big branding question is, who has it and who doesn't?

Brand leadership: which companies come ahead and why? Marketing entrepreneur Karabo Songo has the answer

3 ways Google + can get you business

Social media guru and New York Times bestselling author Chris Brogan explains how to make Google Plus your business' best friend

Time for small businesses to join the mobile app revolution

Mobile apps are an effective way of getting your brand's content to your target audience, writes Yaron Assabi

Five trends transforming the branding market

Finding meaningful ways to engage consumers, aka band activation, is all the rage in product marketing. Creative Counsel's Ran Neu-Ner and Gil Oved share the current popular trends

How video marketing can boost your company's online brand

5 compelling reasons why every SME should be making the shift to video marketing

Twitter ads now available for South Africa's SMEs

Twitter will now allow small to medium enterprises to market their businesses via ads on their network

Twitter 'don'ts' for your brand

Good or bad, what you share on Twitter has an impact on your brand. Use these five guidelines to avoid bad practices

Rudo Maponga - A marketing powerhouse

Marketing guru and entrepreneur Rudo Maponga lets us in on her secrets to marketing success

The big, bright mobile future

Your business brand needs to jump on the mobile advertising bandwagon writes Yaron Assabi , founder of Digital Solutions Group

Branding and advertising - why you need to know the difference

Knowing the differences between these terms can help your business attract customers and stand out amongst competitors

8 tactics to get your Facebook posts seen

Ways to get more eyes on your Facebook page to better work for your business

Email marketing 101

Social media marketing may be the new, cool kid on the online block, but good old-fashioned email marketing is a tried and tested method that can expand your customer base

Marketing to the bottom of the pyramid

Understanding the African consumer is key to a brand's success writes Ran Neu-Ner and Gil Oved

4 basic must-haves for your business

Follow these basic business requirements to improve customer service and build a stronger brand

Creative ways to use your business cards

Business cards are very versatile marketing tools, here's how you can become more network-savvy with yours

How to build a social community around your business - lessons from Starbucks

America’s most-loved coffeehouse Starbucks is leading in their social media marketing strategy, here’s how they are connecting with their consumers

Using innovation to power your brand

South Africa’s most innovative products as voted by consumers are getting it right, so how does your brand do the same?

Make Twitter work for your business

Learn how to use Twitter to your SME’s advantage with this small biz guide

Brand your business to success

Personal branding expert, columnist and author Timothy Maurice talks to SME South Africa about the power of branding and how an effective branding strategy can help you achieve both your personal and business goals

7 Ways Social Media Will Be More Expensive in 2014

Exploring the seven ways brands will spend more money on social networks in 2014
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