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10 business groups to follow on LinkedIn


If your business is on LinkedIn, you’re already at an advantage as it's the social network of choice for entrepreneurs and high-profile professionals and an excellent platform to connect with insightful groups.

Managing your business' profile on LinkedIn also means you can attract top talent for your staff, see recommendations of possible business vendors and learn from others. You can also interact with your customers and potential consumers.

If your business is new to LinkedIn and you're looking to add your business' profile to the network, start by joining groups and interacting in different communities. Here are ten of our favourite B2B groups to follow:

1.     South Africa Doing Business

This is networking group for entrepreneurs and business people who do business or want to do business in/with South Africa. Members are invited to network and share ideas, tips and business opportunities.

Examples of topics of discussion: Four reasons why traditional marketing companies shouldn't handle your digital strategy; Seven steps to better listening

Follow because: Great for entrepreneurs looking to break into South African business.

 2.     Small Business Network for startups and entrepreneurs

Here you can connect with entrepreneurs with startups and grow SMB & SME businesses. Owners discuss office software, grants, loans, finance, deals, insurance, legal, accounting, tax, share ideas/advice on web design and online marketing plans.

Examples of topics of discussions: What is the one essential business skill that is not negotiable?; The question every start up wants to know: How did you get your first customer?

Follow because: Useful tips and advice surrounding finance for startups.

3.     Venture Capital and Private Equity for Africa

VC4Africa.biz (Venture Capital for Africa) is the largest online community of ventures. They seek to connect Africa's most promising entrepreneurs with the resources (knowledge, network and capital) they need to realise their potential.

Example of topics of discussion: 10 rules to create and maintain a business or business idea; Startup capital for renewable energy company

Follow because: A resource and informative group for ventures.

4.     South Africa Business Communities

A networking community for both African and international business professionals working in South Africa, informative posts and updates and a good resource for business surveys.

Examples of topics of discussions: Know where to turn for SME funding in South Africa; How to increase your sales through social media; 3 baby steps you can take to place your business online

Follow because: Great for entrepreneurs looking to expand into Africa.

5.     Johannesburg Business Club - South Africa

Powered by Africa Business Communities, this group is for business professionals working in Johannesburg, providing and exchanging insights on business, online trends and sales and marketing advice.

Examples of topics of discussions: How to increase your sales through social media; Launching Africa B2B market research; How will your company compete in the information economy?

Follow because: Up-to-date with business online trends and topical discussions.

6.     South Africa - SMME Network

This network is a group of entrepreneurs and business owners expanding their partner relations in the South African marketplace. There are also regular meet-ups to discuss opportunities, products and services and knowledge exchange.

Examples of topics of discussions: Need help raising capital for your business?; Must entrepreneurship be fostered at school level?; How to market a website

Follow because: Helpful resource for networking and funding advice.

7.     Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network

Here some of the world’s most accomplished visionary leaders and conscious business experts come together to inspire and empower at least 30 000 social entrepreneurs with the mind-set shifts and tangible business skills needed to make a truly remarkable positive impact in the world.

Examples of topics of discussions: Issues plaguing social enterprises; Intrapreneurship? Do you have it?

Follow because: Here you can network and converse with likeminded, business-orientated professionals.

 8.     Young Entrepreneur Connections

This international group is for small business owners, entrepreneurs, startup businesses, and attorneys, accountants, marketing, PR, advertising, coaches, SEO, website designers and other consultants, advisors and professionals providing services to small businesses. All young professionals are welcome to join this group and benefit from connecting to other young professionals.

Examples of topics of discussion s: 10 biggest mistakes made by entrepreneurs; Why is it so important to have an entrepreneur mentality at such an early age?

Follow because: Excellent group to nurture and mentor young entrepreneurs.

9.     Global Entrepreneur Network - WBN

Part of the World Business Network (WBN), this global group is a great opportunity to share, discover and network with global entrepreneurs.

Examples of topics of discussions: How did Steve Jobs prepare to meetings with investors?; Entrepreneurs and globalization

Follow because: Keep your business up-to-date with trends on an international level.

 10.  Small Business Evolution | Entrepreneurs & SMEs

This community of international SMEs all work toward building better and more profitable businesses. To share, educate and bring together the experience and knowledge of diverse professionals.

Examples of topics of discussions: What makes an effective leader?; An emerging marketing battle you need to know about

Follow because: A great support group for South African SMEs and entrepreneurs to learn and benefit from.

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