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New startup fund to help with development of small enterprises

New startup fund to help with development of small enterprises

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  1. Desmond

    I’d like to hear more from you guys. I’m running a recycling company. So I need help.

    1. James Carl

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    2. Potter

      This is an opportunity for anyone who needs financing of any amount; we are here with good and certified news, our interest rates are very affordable and cost-free. need money email today jamescarlconsults(at)hotmail(dot)com

  2. Jacob Molotsane

    I want to start an internet cafee and that will only be. one in Tumahole as residents have to pay for trsnsport to access it in town.

  3. Tshepiso


    I need help with starting up Poultry farming, I have a land and equipment all I need is the money to startup.

  4. Sbonelo Henry Maphanga

    Good day Sir or Madame, I am the director of the company, SGUBUDU farming and live stock Pty Ltd, Sbonelo Henry Maphanga, we are ploughing with hands planting vegetables, employing youth, making call out, helping creche, and old people, with our healthy food securities, our target market is all 10 ten Siba trading cc, and Bulwer village supermarket’s, and community members, but we are having no working equipment, like tractor’s, transport, watering equipment, we had nothing, we use hands and it make’s delays sometimes we can’t plant it all, our dream is to be having, 350 dairy cattle’s, 350 pig’s, 350 layer’s, 350 ships, definitely sure 500_900 people will be employed this is the solution to the UN employment that affect South Africa, we really strive for the best,

  5. Sam Mahau

    Comment hi I have registered company with cipc, tax clearance certificate and bee certificate I want to register with CIBD but I dnt have funds so I can start my own construction company just need a help

  6. Crystal

    I have a food business. Need to expand to an outlet which will be able to grow and accommodate my business.

  7. Alonge

    I’m alonge, I’m interested in opening a bridal boutique with catering kitchen… How do I apply for grant

  8. Angie

    Good day

    I am sick and tired of seeing kids being fed junk food everyday because of parents who are too busy to cook for their families.i have just registered a company and I desperately need funding to open a homely cooked food kitchen In my area.please kindly help with funding

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