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This Crowdfunding Platform Wants to Help Black Businesses Raise R100 Million this Year – This is how


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  1. Wongeza

    I have a business idea of producing healthy tasteful drinks but i need funding to make my business grow and produce job opportunities.

  2. Thami Nodwele

    This is something very good, for a change black community comes together. I would like my company to be part of this but not sure whether I will qualify as my business is struggling at the moment.

  3. Sandile Mtshiki

    I have a TIA – funded, TUT developed prototype. I am, currently, an incubatee at GEN – 22 On Sloane to both develop it further and, Eventually, commercialise it.
    TIA is, theoretically, both willing and prepared to fund these processes BUT, as government, are taking too long to be practical and I’m now thinking of Crowdfunding as the product is really of interest to those who’ve seen both the prototype and / or graphics.
    I don’t qualify for the People’s Fund as there are no sales or financial track record.
    How can I raise capital faster for equity?

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